Barron Games Tap That

Tap That is the newest redemption piece from Barron Games. This multiplayer speed & reflex game is sure to bring out the competitor in everyone as up to 4 players at a time battle it out for the high score. Combining the concept of 2 of our most popular and top earning pieces, QuadAir Multiplayer Air Hockey & Catch the Light Combo, Tap That is sure to keep your customers entertained!

Tap That Features:

  • QuadAir Meets Catch the Light Combo
  • Multiplayer Speed & Reflex REDEMPTION Game – Play with up to 4 people at once.
  • 55 in. high definition screen in the center of an aluminum body
  • 4x Entropy 2000 Ticket Dispensers Included
  • DBA/Card swipe Compatible

How to play Tap That:

  • Each player pays to play
  • 7 Buttons per side/ Player
  • 3 Rounds per game
  • You EARN 1 Point for TAPPING a Lit Button
  • You LOSE 1 Point for TAPPING an Unlit Button
  • HOT Bonus Point for tapping immediately when a button is lit

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