• Brand: Namco
  • Type: Shooter

Galaga Assault

Galaga is one of the most recognized shooter games worldwide which revolutionised gaming as we know it today! Brought back to you on a massive 42” LCD Screen at 1080p HD, Galaga Assault features RGB full colour rotating LED lights surrounding all 4 sides of the monitor and RGB lighted T-molding down the exterior perimeter of the cabinet. Each game of Galaga Assault is separated into two stages. Standard round; destroy 100 enemy ships without dying to net points and move onto next stage. Mothership round; after reaching the goal of destroying 100 enemies, your Galaga fighter will be warped to the Mothership round where you can win the ‘Jackpot’ by destroying the Mothership. Galaga Assault uses points to ticket conversion and includes unique features such as buying more ships, QR code scanning and Amusement Mode.

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